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Krasnaya Vorota - Red Gate

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Krasnaya Vorota - Red Gate

At the highest point on the Garden Ring Road, not far from the Leningradskaya Hotel, stands the 24-storey administrative and apartment block on Red Gate Square - another Stalinesque skyscraper crowned with a spire and a five-pointed star.

The central block houses the Ministry of Transport Manufacturing alongside the Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange, the Transtroi corporation and the Russian Trade Union for Railway & Transport Construction Workers.  

The building also consists of 11-15 storey apartment blocks, on each side of the central tower, that  contain over 300 apartments. Over-looking Kalachevskaya street is the entrance to Krasnaya Vorota metro station in the left wing of the building.  The building also houses a number of shops including a jewellers.

More so than the other Vysotny Zdaniyes, the architectural appointment of the Krasnaya Vorota building gravitates towards Russian/Ukrainian Baroque which is clearly expressed by its vertical tiered construction.  It had been intended that the building would have been constructed as in its present state, in the form of a central "pillar", but without the spire. It was, perhaps, as a result of Stalin's interference that the building gained its smallish spire and star.  

The lower quarter of the central block is divided in a vertical direction by flat-fronted pillars that stretch from the ground to the first tier.  The ring between the tiers is decorated with the emblem of the USSR.